Radiographic Interpretation PCN Level 2 RTO/IR2


This is a course suitable for all who require an in-depth knowledge of the radiographic interpretation of welds. The course concentrates on the identification of weld defects, assessment of radiographic quality and sentencing to example specifications. All information necessary for candidates attempting PCN or ASNT radiographic interpreters examinations is issued.

Course contents

  • Properties and production of X and gamma rays
  • The formation of a latent image
  • Radiographic film
  • Development/processing
  • Practical exercises cover:
  • Identification of weld types
  • Identification of weld defects
  • Assessment and measurement of radiographic quality
  • Sentencing to specifications
  • Image quality
  • Radiographic techniques
  • Weld technology
  • Interpretation of radiographs
  • Specifications

Pre-requisites for attending this course

None. If attempting a PCN examination the requirements of PCN/GEN must be met. If attempting an ASNT examination the requirements of your company's written practice must be met.

Examination Booking

Contact Ruane-TATI Sdn Bhd At (09) 8631033

Special Notes

(1) PCN points per half day training = 5 covering CP16 requirements. Practical samples are also available at 2 points per successful sample. Please ensure your relevant log sheet is completed after training.

Course Recognition

Excellent preparation for PCN and ASNT certification routes. This course is recommended by Agfa, approved by ECITB, validated by BINDT and recognised by PCN.

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