Ultrasonic Testing Pre-Approval (RTO/UT3)




This course has been design to assist either the level 1 or level 2 candidates in ultrasonic inspection. The course relates to weld and offer a high theoretical and practical content. It is also PCN recognized


Course content:


•·        Ultrasound

•·        Principles of ultrasonic testing

•·        The flaw detector

•·        Defect location and sizing techniques

•·        The use of calibration and reference block

•·        Welding methods and associated defects

•·        The use of centre's plotting system

•·        Examination of plates material and associated welds

•·        Report writing and discussion of relevant British standards



Note: student attending this course who wishes to attempt a direct, initial approach to PCN level 2 in ultrasonic must provide the PCN test centre conducting the examination with proof a minimum additional 40 hours formal structured on the job training in line with PCN syllabus requirement. If this requirement cannot be met, course RTO/UT2 is an ideal supplementary package or individual days tuition may be organized as required to meet training hour requirement without additional on site training.  


Duration: 10 Days


Pre-requisite for attending this course: NONE

If attempting a PCN examination the requirements of PCN/GEN must be met. If attempting an ASNT examination the requirement of your company's written practice must be met.


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