Ultrasonic Testing an Introduction (RTO UT1)




The course offers a high practical and relevant theoretical background enable student to achieve a basic understanding of ultrasonic inspection. Candidates on completion of the course will be to calibrate a flaw detector with both compression and shear wave probes, record accurate thickness measurement, locate and size lamination in steel plate. In addition student will be able to select the correct compression / shear wave probes for the examination of welded butt joints, locate and size defects and finally product acceptable reports.


Course content:


•·        Basic concept

•·        Nature of sound

•·        Wave propagation

•·        Type of display

•·        Operation of flaw detector

•·        Probes

•·        Couplant

•·        Defect associated with process

•·        Welding, casting & forging methods (background knowledge)

•·        Reporting methods

•·        Use of plotting system

•·        British standard

•·        Defect location and sizing methods


Duration: 5 Days


Pre-requisites for attending this course: NONE

If attempting a PCN examination the requirements of PCN/GEN must be met. If attempting an ASNT examination the requirement of your company's written practice must be met.



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